About Dysfunction: Stories:

A collection of 14 stories.

- Annam Manthiram

Dysfunction: Stories

Dysfunction: Stories

- Dramatically different in style and form, these tales range from the wicked (a divorcee recounts her failed marriages sardonically from A to Z), to heart-wrenchingly commonplace (an older Indian woman struggles to find a husband during humiliating bride-viewings), and emotionally barren (a mother cannot understand why her family doesn't love her enough to remember her son's first birthday). At times funny, but always incisive, this collection of stories examines the survival of those whose only certainty is dysfunction.

This collection was a Finalist in the 2010 Elixir Press Fiction Award, and received Honorable Mention in Leapfrog Press' 2010 Fiction Contest. It is forthcoming from Aqueous Books in 2013.