Library Journal and Remorse

Library Journal has noted my book, After the Tsunami, as a Fall First!  Please check it out here. I am honored to be listed there.  As I write this blog post, the spelling of my last name is wrong, but they have been alerted.  So hopefully by the time you view the page, it will be corrected.

I am feeling a bit of remorse for sending out so many review copies (about 55 total) without being solicited.  It was a lot of money, but perhaps a little foolish?  I suppose we learn from our mistakes, but thus far, I have only garnered one guaranteed article in a newspaper.  I hope I was not wrong to send out so many.  And I hope those who personally requested a copy don’t decide that the book isn’t worthy of a review.

I also found out today from Texas A&M (whose press handles distribution for SFA Press) that those who ordered books through Amazon will not be getting them until after October 15th.  This means that if anyone ordered my book online with the intention of having it for my book release party will not have it.  This blows.  I really hope 1) the bookstores have the books in time, and 2) the people who ordered them for my other events (in LA, San Diego, etc.) have them in time.  Stress level?  Through the roof.

UGH!  It drives me nuts when I put my son down for his nap, and he insists that it is totally and perfectly fine to bang on the door, the wall, and use his fingernails to scratch the drywall.   What’s worse is that we share a common wall between his room and the office in which I work.  UGH!  Stop it, son.  Stop it, please.  And if I go in there and tell him no, he has won, because that is his real goal: to get me to come back into his room, so that he can tell me he doesn’t want to take a nap.  (Even though he needs one.)

Ending on a more positive note–I received a rewrite request from Prism Review.  They had some nice suggestions and want to see it again once I’ve incorporated the edits.  I resubmitted it, so wish me luck!


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